The IOEE Academy visits Sicily

IOEE Enterprise Academy Rocketeer have taken their programme to Europe and this month we find out how entrepreneurial students in Sicily have benefited from IOEE accreditation and membership. 

Rocketeer have recently completed a ‘European Further Education (FE) Social Enterprise’ project with a Sicilian FE College, Leonardo Da Vinci College in Piazza Armerina in Sicily – as well as with Stafford College. The project which was delivered by an innovative blended learning approach which saw the majority of the sessions delivered remotely from Stafford with Richard Wood from Rocketeer flying out to Sicily to deliver the final session in Sicily.    

The programme has been a huge success with all students completing the programme and being presented with their IOEE certification and was even covered in the Sicilian press.

The programme is called the “Enterpreneuroship & Social Enterprise” a curriculum based project of the Institute Leonardo da Vinci in collaboration with three British organisations, the Rocketeer Enterprise,

the NSCG (Newcastle & Stafford College Group) and the IOEE (Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs) who are providing delivery and accreditation of the programme.

The course provides weekly online sessions, while a group of Leonardo da Vinci’s students have created a unique peer learning group with English students. The two groups have the chance to compare social and cultural problems and find possible solutions that can be turned in to employment opportunities. Welcomed with extreme interest from the school director Marinella Adamo, the course is led by the expert Richard Wood, owner of the “Rocketeer Social Enterprise” in collaboration with the native teacher Anthony La Pusata, creator of the project, helped by the prof. Giorgia Covato, Docent of English Languages.

The objective of the course – explained by the course leader La Pusata – is to teach and demonstrate to our youngsters how to go above what they think is possible, how to transform their passion in a successful start-up “socially enterprising” and ultimately to hold the reins of their future.