Rocketeer Re-Approval

We always love checking in with our centres, and we recently had the opportunity to talk to Richard at Rocketeer Enterprise. Rocketeer Enterprise trains a variety of learners, including learners within prisons. They became an IOEE Academy in 2017 and had their own programme recognised to provide added value for their learners, who were completing this programme.

Rocketeer works with many prisons up and down the country, equipping their learners with a selection of digital marketing skills to improve their marketing techniques, and also to make sure they are up to date with the latest online trends. This is especially important for those who are in prison.

Rocketeer runs its programme in three stages, each with added information and providing a deeper understanding. Richard told us that the third stage is heavily based on digital marketing skills, teaching the learners how to drive traffic using organic methods and paid methods. They cover the fundamentals of digital marketing and are able to actually see how those skills can be used, rather than being told about them and not given that demonstration.

I spoke to Richard at Rocketeer about the importance of keeping up to date with the latest technology. It feels like an effort to constantly try out new apps and not fall behind with all of the newest technology, trending tags and content styles. We discussed how hard it must be for learners within a prison, to not have access to the digital world and yet still be expected to be up-to-date and understand how to navigate the web upon their release. It is really important for the learners at Rocketeer to be able to re-enter the world of employment and hit the ground running.

This is where Rocketeer steps in. They teach their learners how to use the latest technologies, the latest apps and how to identify new trends when it comes to marketing. Although they rely on paper-based learning for their assessment and the majority of their delivery, they demonstrate the use of technology, show the learners video content and have the learners explain how to use certain platforms and apps. In their experience, the demonstrations help the learners make that transition from theory to practice and allow the learners a chance to explore technology in a safe way.

They chose the IOEE recognition so they could adapt their course content to keep up with the latest technological trends. As a new mobile application comes out, Rocketeer steps in to teach their learners how to use it. So having the flexible approach of the IOEE recognition still gives their learner that qualification, and allows Rocketeer to provide a tailored experience.

This flexible approach allows Rocketeer to teach their learners about an ever-evolving world of social media, online platforms and trends without sacrificing on recognition. Rocketeer is able to keep up to date with their teaching, whilst also providing that added value for the learner when they are certificated by the IOEE.

We are really pleased to hear that Rocketeer is re-approving as an IOEE academy for another 3 years, and we can not wait to see how their programme develops. We send our best wishes to Rocketeer and I am sure we will have another update on Rocketeer in the future.