Top 10 Employability Skills for 2021

The modern workplace is constantly evolving and adapting to our society’s needs, thus meaning that the in-demand skills of modern employers are regularly changing. With the unforeseen circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic propelling our offices online, digital skills are the new frontier to have a successful career. However, digital skills are not the only way you will earn your way into employment, we have compiled a list of the top 10 employability skills that are high in demand in 2021.


Being able to thrive in any type of workplace solely relies on an employee’s ability to communicate. Clear communication can make all the difference on how day-to-day situations are handled, whether it be in an internal project or dealing with an external customer- communication is key.


Whether you are settled in your career or starting in a new job being able to show your own initiative within the business will demonstrate your passion to do well in your role and your commitment to the company. Showing initiative in business will show you’re able to make smart decisions and make you more eligible for promotions in the future.


We have all had to adapt to changes in the workplace over the past year, being able to thrive in new environments with new people is essential to a successful career. Also called ‘change management’, this skill refers to your ability to use your drive to succeed in your work no matter what new situations you are thrown into.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is a skill you will use no matter what job you’re in, whether it is a large or a small problem, being able to solve it effectively and efficiently is key to keeping a workplace up and running. Problem solving requires the employee to identify the key issues in a problem and figure out an effective way to carry out a solution.


To be successful in any workplace, being able to collaborate and work well others is imperative. Working as a team and playing to each other’s strengths can be hard to figure out at first but taking the time to find what works best between you and your colleagues can make all the difference.

Time management

Especially in today’s society where many people are remotely working from home, time management has never been more important. Employers need to trust that employees are able to manage their time effectively and complete your given tasks without being tempted to lie in bed or watch TV for a couple more hours.

Emotional intelligence

Whether it’s being in touch with your own emotions or being empathetic to your co-workers emotions, emotional intelligence is essential to maintaining a happy and healthy work environment. By encouraging employees to speak comfortably and professionally about their emotions, many misunderstandings and disagreements can be avoided.

Eagerness to Learn and Evolve

Employers don’t want to hire someone who will just do the bare minimum to get by in their career, the person that stands out is the person that is eager to better themselves and their work. Showing passion to evolve and grow within you career is essential, particularly in certain industries where trends are ever-changing.


Creativity is the ability to look at a problem in a new way and find new solutions to problems the employer may not have realised they had. Though all ideas may not work out, thinking creatively shows your employer that you are putting their company’s progression at the forefront of everything that you do.

Project management

Project management encompasses a number of different skills that can prove to your employer that you are responsible and reliable. Project management proves that you are able to lead others and play to everyone’s strengths to create the best outcome for the company. Managing a project proves to your employer that you are capable in a managerial role and can take on more responsibility.