Rise of Student Enterprise

Are students the new pioneers of online enterprise?

After the year marker of fluctuating national lockdowns and covid hysteria, it is important to reflect on some positives that have come out of this dreadful pandemic. This year has caused employment rates to skyrocket, making it even harder on recent graduates to leave University with a stable job on the horizon, never mind one in their actual field of study. However, many students and graduates have taken matters into their own hands and using their time to start up small businesses. From house-run bakery’s to jewellery stores, students everywhere are taking to social media to promote their start-ups.

Though lockdown posed a multitude of problems for students, contact hours reduced to zero and little access to materials meant that student life was turned upside down. Yet, with all this free time many students saw this as an opportunity to pursue their passions and start up their own small businesses.

Social media has proved to be more important than ever, with viral enterprise determining the success of businesses, one post can make all the difference. The video sharing app TikTok in particular is taking small businesses to new heights. By tracking recent trends in TikToks, small businesses are able to create relevant content which promotes their product in a creative way. Sometimes even the simplest of videos can generate the most engagement.

One extreme example of viral student success can be seen in the candle brand @hoadyscandles. After posting a video on TikTok of him making a candle with a hidden message in for his girlfriend, Rob Hoad received an immense amount of positive responses with over 8.3 million views and 1.8 million likes. As a result, Hoad saw a gap in the market and began his business in November 2020. Only 4 months later Hoad now has his own brand of candles (Hoadys Candles), with 10.8 thousand followers on Instagram and 168.3 thousand followers on TikTok- a combined social media reach of over 179.1 thousand people. What began as a cute surprise for his girlfriend turned into a fully working and successful business over the course of 4 months, all because of that one viral video.

With social media changing the entire structure of how businesses are run it is important to keep on top of the ever-changing landscape of enterprise and to encourage the younger generation to take their first steps to becoming entrepreneurs.

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