Dr. David Bozward

Head of School — Business and Entrepreneurship — The Royal Agricultural University

We are shining the spotlight on David Bozward, as Head of School — Business and Entrepreneurship, David has been able to give us a fantastic insight into the goings on at the newest IOEE Centre of Excellence, The Royal Agricultural University

Our first question for David was around his current role within the University and what this involves, David said: “As Head of School, I provide strategic and academic leadership as well as day to day management of the School, developing the highest quality of Teaching, Research and Enterprise. As a member of the Academic Board, I am directly involved in the development and implementation of the University’s academic strategic plan. Over the last decade, I have gained considerable experience in higher education developing enterprising graduates, young business leaders and entrepreneurs across a wide number of institutes. Think Enterprise | 17

As a serial technology entrepreneur, educator, mentor and authority on international youth entrepreneurship with over 20 years entrepreneurial business experience, I bring a wide range of leading-edge practical industry centred experience to my work at the Royal Agricultural University, providing both a theoretically informed and practice-led approach to entrepreneurship education.

My main research interests lie in the broad fields of entrepreneurship education, new venture creation, entrepreneurial ecosystems and business growth. I lead a number of cross-faculty strategic development projects such as international collaborations, enterprise education partnerships and consultancy which support my research.

In 2016, I was invited to be a member of Maserati 100 the top 100 individuals in the UK actively supporting the next generation of future entrepreneurs and was awarded a lifetime fellowship of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.”

Wow! It’s clear that David has built up a wealth of experience within the Enterprise and Entrepreneurship sector putting him in an excellent position to take The Royal Agricultural University forward. This leads us onto our next questions, what entrepreneurial activities are currently taking place within RAU?

David said: “The university has in place an Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Programme (EEP) providing a robust and supportive programme for all students – from the embryo of an idea through to the launch of a fully tried and tested business – and beyond.

Working through the process of Think it, Try it, Launch it, Grow it RAU has seen 1 in 10 graduated start their own business or work for themselves!”

It’s clear for all to see that David has a strong vision for RAU, we asked David for his view on entrepreneurial education within RAU moving forward.

David said: “Enterprise education is fundamental to developing entrepreneurial leaders, people who will develop our economy and create real social value. This means we should be creating graduates who have gained some skills, knowledge and attitudes to explore new opportunities with a positive mindset. To achieve this as a university we should be developing students through the curricula and also through extracurricular activities with the opportunity to reflect and bring together this learning. Entrepreneurship is a journey and as such we need to provide a life long learning approach for our students and graduates.”

Here at the IOEE we have seen that RAU is leading the way in Enterprise & Entrepreneural education as well as support for students. David was a key figure in securing RAU’s status as an IOEE Centre of Excellence so we asked what exactly this meant to him:

“As a small specialist university with a real focus on developing a positive entrepreneurial student experience its important for students, staff and our wider community. The IOEE provides us with an opportunity to join a group of universities which are known and recognised for their entrepreneurship education.”