6 Things it takes to be a confident entrepreneur

Self-confidence is something that’s an assumed trait of an entrepreneur. But not everyone can feel confident all the time. Here’s a few tips to help you gain gradual confidence that won’t be knocked in a hurry.

  1. Set your sights

You should be setting yourself goals to ensue you know where your heading. This way, you can be your own inspiration because you know what you want from yourself. It not only gives you a strong sense of direction but also makes you more dedicated!

  1. Fake it ‘till you make it

We’ve heard this one loads, right? That’s because it partly rings true! If you have a vision of where you want your company to be and what type of person you want to be, project it. Don’t expect yourself to just turn into that person eventually, it’s actually a pretty proactive thing to do and it’ll boost your confidence while you’re at it.

  1. Have a Routine

We’ve mentioned this before in previous blog posts, and if you live a life or run a company that simply couldn’t be routinely, make a routine! There’s always time for an 11am coffee or a 3pm tweet! This not only helps you to focus but it will also give you a sense of self-respect and acknowledging that your time is valuable.

  1. Progress over Perfection

Thinking that everything has to be perfect all the time can be beneficial because you will always be striving for the best. However, it can become a problem when it hinders your progression. If you can feel yourself start to waste time on little things that mean you aren’t getting bigger things done, you need to reflect and re-adjust your priorities. This will also make you much more self-aware for the future.

  1. Be Generous

A lot of people tend to think that being ruthless gets you places in your career. Sometimes it can, but it isn’t as half as beneficial as being giving. We don’t mean for you to just start giving stuff away for free, but you should be considerate of the opportunities that you give people. Helping other people in a way that you would want to be helped not only creates you a great reputation and makes you likeable, it simply brings you good karma too.

  1. Get a Hobby

Getting a hobby is so beneficial for you. It helps your mind to focus and wind down simultaneously. They’ll help you expand your mind and reduce stress, what could be better? All these things lead to a better sense of self-worth, giving you more confidence.

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