10 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Create a routine

Routines can make us much more productive in the long run. Even if it takes you time to get into your new routine, if it’s well thought out and provides you with realistic daily opportunities to achieve the tasks you need to, a routine is the way forward.

Keep the mornings for the toughest projects

Mornings might be the time when you’re at your most vulnerable, maybe you haven’t had your caffeine fix yet or perhaps you were stuck in traffic a little longer than you’d like. Whatever your morning throws at you and however you feel, you should always make the most of the time you have without spending all morning waking up.

Workout & Meditate

Working out can be a big ask first thing on a morning, but it’s been proven that exercise improves your mental well-being and mood. You don’t want to be burnt out all day though, this is why it’s also important to meditate. We don’t mean sitting in the middle of the office floor with your legs crossed, meditating can be as simple as taking 5 minutes to breathe deep and mentally reset yourself. 

Give a head start to tomorrow today

Proactivity could seem like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t activate their proactive abilities when it’s most needed. Imagine it’s the end of the day, you’re flagging a little and you’ve worked hard since 8am. The only way to get ahead is to push yourself when this feeling strikes, only the people who do can truly be proud of their work ethic.

Schedule time for revenue generating activities

You can get stuck in a learning frenzy when you first start up a business but in this lies the risk of no actual action being taken to generate revenue. Anything from writing a blog post to emailing out to your mailing list or bumping up your social media activity, be sure to promote yourself regularly!

Track your progress

Be sure to constantly reflect and review your actions. Realising what works and what doesn’t provides some of the most valuable feedback you could ask for, don’t be overly critical of yourself though, look at the facts and stats of what you’re doing and work on them.

Refresh yourself with quality family time

Again, this might sound like an obvious one, and you don’t really need telling to spend time with your family, right? However, make sure that you properly switch off around them, savour your time with family and bask in the glorious peace of mind you have knowing that you’ve achieved what you wanted to for that day and you’ve helped yourself already for tomorrow (see tip 4)

 Encourage team to provide solutions not problems

A healthy workforce requires lots of different positive elements, sometimes stressful office can’t be avoided if you have a big deadline or event looming for example. A low level of pressure is actually important in staff, as it encourages productivity as well as healthy challenge. That being said, be sure to look after the team and encourage them to look after each other by not applying extra pressure or negativity than is necessary. 

 Segregate each day for separate business activity

It can be all too easy to get caught up in the numerous tasks you have to achieve. Your head can get carried away and sidelined from one project to another, therefore, you really must separate each one and delegate each project to its own day. That way, you can fully focus on one task and successfully execute it and move onto the next one without any heads frying. 

 Continue to learn

If you can stick to all these tips, then you’re already ahead of the rest. Just by reading this blog, you’re learning. Continue to be curious and always strive to better yourself and open your mind to opportunities in enterprise that you might not have anticipated, after all, the spontaneous can sometimes prove to be the most worthwhile.

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