Accredited Distance Learning Launches with our Acclaimed Award in Enterprise Mentoring

Following the successful launch of the IOEE Campus and based on requests from members we have now widened the offer to include accredited distance learning courses. The first of these, our Professional Award in Enterprise Mentoring, is available now with a discounted rate for members.

Our Award in Enterprise Mentoring programme is perfect if you’re thinking about offering mentoring support but not sure how to go about it or perhaps you’ve been mentoring for some time and would like confirmation that you’re doing it the right way in addition to having professional validation of your skills and learning.

The rewards of mentoring

We understand that enterprise mentoring may not be part of your ‘day job’ but we’re sure you recognise how rewarding it is to share your knowledge, skills and experience with others. We also know how important it is for you to be confident in this role. We feel certain that this programme will help you to become more aware of what it takes to be a brilliant enterprise mentor. Research proves that businesses that seek support, particularly during start up and their first months of trading, are most likely to survive and succeed. It’s often a lonely place to be and that is where a mentor can help. A true mentoring relationship is a mutually beneficial learning experience in which mentor and mentee can learn from each other.

Developing as a mentor

The programme has been designed as a journey of self-discovery where you will be encouraged to:

  • understand your role as an enterprise mentor
  • reflect on and develop your current skills and knowledge and recognise how they can be used in your enterprise mentoring role
  • reflect on issues/motivations facing different groups, and how you might adjust your approach to meet their needs.

This course is full of information and practical activities for you to use in your role as mentor. It also includes signposts to useful websites and other sources of information and resources, where you can find help for your mentee and ideas and inspiration for yourself.

The online learning includes the following modules;

  • The background to mentoring
  • The skills and tools required by a mentor
  • Understanding the legal and ethical requirements
  • Competing demands faced by an entrepreneur
  • Financial aspects of running a business
  • Marketing, sales and customer service

Distance and online learning

The easy to use online system has been designed to guide you through the programme over a series of 6 weekly modules (although you may take more or less time if you wish) and includes video content, text and assessment activities.

The course materials include a written workbook, online assessment and tutor marked assignments provided in PDF format.

The programme launches on the 3rd April and the first 5 lucky IOEE members will receive a 50% discount – so register quickly!  Head over to to register and start learning!