Campus launches with a bang

Last month saw the launch of our new member community, the IOEE Campus. Thank you to everyone for making the first month such a success. In just the first week we saw as much traffic as we usually get in a month! It’s good to know that members are so engaged in developing their enterprise skills and networking with each other. The new online modules have proven to be very popular with marketing being of particular interest (nearly half of all learning accessed since launch has been marketing). With this in mind we’ll look to add additional marketing content as the year progresses. The Q&A section has attracted a few questions (and a few answers) but we’d love to see more so if you have any pertinent questions about enterprise and entrepreneurship, or if you’re an expert in any specific areas, please log in and contribute to the community.

Now that the campus is up and running we have plans for more exciting content and would welcome your suggestions and feedback as to how we can make it even better. If you have any thoughts then please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Again, many thanks to everyone who has logged in and contributed so far. We were really excited to launch our new platform and the feedback so far has exceeded our expectations. If you haven’t yet had a look then drop by to and see what the fuss is about!