New Year, New Opportunities, New You!

As we welcome in a new year, like thousands of others across the UK, you may be considering self-employment as a fresh route to explore. However, simply wanting to work for yourself isn’t always enough to achieve success. To help you out, we’ve created the online IOEE Campus, which is home to new learning content that will really boost your enterprising skills and help you enjoy a smoother road to starting up your own business.

Self-employment is big news. Between 2008 and 2015, Government statistics show that self-employment increased from 3.8 million people to 4.6 million. The rise can be accounted for across industries and both part and full-time workers are making the leap to independent working. It’s easy to see why; working for yourself can deliver all sorts of lifestyle and financial benefits. From the convenience of creating your own balance between family responsibilities and work commitments, to the creative freedom to steer your business as you see fit, self-employment certainly has its advantages. However, perhaps the most important factor influencing the exodus from employment to self-employment is sheer happiness levels. Research conducted recently by Office Genie has shown that those who own their own businesses are the UK workforce’s happiest members. Office workers from across Britain were asked to rate their happiness on a 1-5 scale. While average happiness levels hit around 3.63, happiness levels amongst those working for themselves were around 4.20. In essence, business owners were shown to be around 17% more happy than the average worker.

So, if you want to go it alone and turn your skills into an independent business or social enterprise, how can you boost your chances of success? Here at the IOEE we have the perfect answer.

The IOEE Campus, launching in early February, is an online resource that can help aspiring business owners and more seasoned entrepreneurs alike take on the world of enterprise with confidence. The social learning platform is a hub of support, resources and learning that covers every aspect of starting out in business. As well as gaining access to a dedicated Business Plan Builder to create their own enterprise outlines step-by-step, users will be able to share ideas, practical knowhow and inspiration thanks to the Q&A functionality. Additionally, the IOEE Campus is home to a number of fantastic short courses, including an accredited distance learning offer, with more to come.

To find out more about membership levels and to join the IOEE, visit us at