Business Resilience and how to achieve it

Is it possible to help start-ups and other small business clients boost the resilience of their fledgling enterprises? The IOEE certainly believes it is and we’ve created a qualification specifically to help enterprise support professionals do just that.

Healthy cash flow, good planning, intelligent marketing and fantastic customer services – these are all the factors people commonly name when they’re asked what makes a business successful. But what about business resilience? Hard to define and even more difficult to attain, business resilience is a frequently misunderstood trait that can mean the difference between lasting enterprise success and falling at the first hurdle. At its core business resilience is the capacity for a business to endure and ‘bounce back’ when circumstances are particularly challenging or curveballs are thrown its way. It is the ability of a business to quickly adapt or change course when either internal or external forces shift. Whether the changes afoot are physical – i.e. premises are flooded or logistics break down – or are concerned with unchartered economic territory – i.e. the as yet unknown impact of Brexit – it’s vital that businesses should have the resilience to weather any storm. Equally, start-ups and SMEs have a much stronger starting point when they’re prepared to respond to the unexpected events that take place every day, the opportunities, disruptions, demands and threats that give colour to the experience of running an enterprise.

The IOEE’s Level 5 Award in Understanding How to Support Clients Through Their Use of the Business Resilience Healthcheck Tool (QCF) is designed to equip enterprise support professionals with the learning they need to help their clients develop valuable business resilience.

As well as guiding learners through an exploration of what the term ‘business resilience’ can mean, the qualification teaches them how to support clients to measure their current business resilience levels using the Business Resilience Healthcheck Tool. Those who undertake the qualification will also gain an understanding of how clients can be supported if / when the Business Resilience Healthcheck Tool identifies potential business resilience issues. Speaking about the qualification, Sarah Trouten CEO at the IOEE, said:

“While many new entrepreneurs may feel they have all bases covered with funding and market research, staffing and communications, the concept of business resilience is often overlooked. This qualification is designed specifically to optimise the impact of the Business Resilience Healthcheck Tool, helping business advisors and supporters to give their clients exactly the guidance they need to become resilient and run tougher, more adaptable and better prepared businesses.”

The Level 5 Award in Understanding How to Support Clients Through Their Use of the Business Resilience Healthcheck Tool (QCF) is taught at IOEE Academies and Centres. To find out more about studying for the qualification, email [email protected]