Building Business Resilience Programme

Join IOEE, SFEDI and JSAchieve's Building Business Resilience Programme to gain control over your business's future. This programme offers practical strategies to navigate economic uncertainty, implement sustainable practices, address evolving employee needs, manage supply chain challenges, and enhance your personal resilience. Stay proactive and build a robust, adaptable business.

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Programme Features

The Building Business Resilience Programme consists of:

  • A series of five modules focused on the following aspects of a stronger and resilient business: personal resilience and wellbeing; financial resilience; market resilience; operational resilience; and people resilience
  • There will be three half-day workshops for each module over a six-month period
  • A resilient audit which will review performance for each of the five aspects of resilience in your business
  • Access to other small business owner-managers, like you, who have developed a stronger and resilient business
  • And upon successful completion of the programme, recognition of your learning via a professional certificate from the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE).

To support you in putting plans into practice, there will be the opportunity to access a mentor, coach and/or peer to peer learning opportunities through the programme.

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Upon receipt of your completed registration form, we will contact you to provide further information on the programme, workshop dates and payment of the programme fee.


Programme Options

Would you like to take the programme:
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What will be the key outcomes for you and your business from participating in the programme?  We will support you in:

  • Reviewing strengths and areas for development in building a stronger and resilient business
  • Developing resilience dashboard tailored to your specific needs and requirements
  • Developing a resilience plan which will assist you in managing the journey from idea to action
  • Recognising your learning in developing a stronger and resilient business via a professional certificate from the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.

If you would like any further information on the programme please contact Leigh ([email protected]) and John ([email protected]).

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